Our Zari Work

To preserve the dying traditional art, MSK started to train interested housewives in this art. The National Textile Ministry supported this cause and joined hands with MSK to preserve this old tradition. Over the years, many batches of women have been skilled in this art. MSK tries to modernize the designs to keep up to the changing market demand. The batuas include laces, beads or “moti”combined with intricate thread work. The ladies sit for hours on the floor with the stretched out cloth on the table. A simple design on a small batua may take up to 7 days.

The same technique is used to make saris, borders, laces, gowns that are semi stitched to provide the flexibility to suit the needs of the customers. The zari work ranges from very heavy zari lehangas (long skirts with blouses) for weddings and such. Other more fine work involves tiny flowers across the entire cloth to make a western outfit.

Zari work at MSK is a designer’s delight as it gives a wide range of needlework to play with. We are also very proud of our work since we do not work with skilled craftsmen. We work with ladies who have a desire to learn this art, are very laborious and can sit for hours working on a single piece. Zari work is not for the faint hearted! It requires an eye for detail and an un-matched patience. We are proud of this skill and we remain true to the prestige that the Bhopali batua once got.




Our Projects

Successfully delivered 3,000+ customized conference bags for CIES Conference, Atlanta, GA (March 5-9, 2017), CIES photo-gallery

The CIES conference is an annual gathering of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) members and the interested public for an academic research conference devoted to scholarly and practical exchange as well as debate and networking. For more visit


George Mason University, USA is holding the CIES Symposium for 2017 in October 2017. The Symposium is sponsored by the South Asia Special Interest Group and the Gender and Education Committee. MSK is proud to make all folders for the upcoming conference. Please look out for more on this space: https://cehd.gmu.edu/2017symposium/

South Asia Symposium folder


at Maplewood, New Jersey showcased selected MSK's work, Summer 2017


LokRang Festival

Funded by NABARD Bank, India MSK showcased their range of products at the prestigious Lokrang Festival in Bhopal, India.