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Mahashakti Seva Kendra (MSK), an all women's organization empowers the victims of a massive gas leak in Bhopal that took more than 20,000 lives and was deemed as the 'Hiroshima' of the chemical industry. The incident occurred in December 1984 at the Union Carbide plant Bhopal, India. Over half a million people were exposed to Methyl Isocyanate gas and other chemicals. 

Since 1992, Our founding President Mrs. Indira Iyengar has been working with the local families to support a decent livelihood for the gas affected families. 

After years of struggle & determination, Mrs. Iyengar was able to work with the local artisans to create non chemical based natural dye products. The products range from Block printed Cotton based tunics, scarves, hand bags to jute based products. Our objective is not to just create a sustained livelihood for these families but to train them along the way so that they can be independent in their future pursuits.

‘Say No To Chemicals’ is our slogan. Mahashakti’s mission is two-fold; to help the families affected by this gas tragedy by providing employment and to revive the dying art of natural dyes. The material is handwoven and block printed using natural dyes (processed from vegetables) while the zari work embellishes the material.

Changing Lives.. Being Happy