Anita is a born designer, each bag that she stitches is a piece of art and her colour sense in unmatchable. But her personality is drastically opposite to her tailoring skills..She is a quiet worker, no one has ever heard Anita speak more than a sentence for the 6 odd hours that she is at the work shed everyday. Its very difficult to make her smile, forget laughing. A mother of two, Anita looks after a family of 8, which includes her husband and his husbands extended family. Anita works at the workshed during the day, but she continues stitching blouses through the wee hours of the morning to make ends meet.

We would love to see a full throated laughter from Anita one day.

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Meet Amuda the dreamer. Her billion watt smile is what lights up the entire workshed. Amuda loves her sewing machine and she refuses to sit anywhere else. She says her machine knows her touch. A creative genius, she thinks out of the box and creates magic out of all the waste cloth. She loves experimenting. Anything new created at the shed has surely gone through Amuda's magical fingers. 

Amuda has two daughters and is working hard to educate them. Education is she something that she was deprived of in her childhood. She wants to see her girls as big sahibs' (senior officers) in government offices.

Help realize Amuda's dream.

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In the year 1984, when the gas tragedy hit Bhopal, Taskeen was just 2 years old. The night of 3rd December changed her life forever. Her mom died that very night inhaling the toxic gas leaving a crying baby. Taskeen's father left her with her mother's brother and married someone else. Her uncle has his own family and couldn't look after Taskeen. She lives all alone in a one room house and makes a living by working hard at the workshed.

Taskeen has the most infectious smile and her energy livens up the entire workshed. She loves two things in life "cleaning her small one room house and coming to the workshed, meeting friends and creating new zari designs".

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Her shy demeanor in this photograph is quite deceptive. Sandhya in reality is a free spirited extrovert and a complete chatter box. A born leader, Sandhya represents MSK in all the fairs where ever we put up our stalls. The confidence with which she handles customers is phenomenal. At the work-shed itself whenever their is a decision to be made, for even the smallest thing like going for a picnic, Sandhya takes charge. Cant imagine the workshed without this power house of energy.

Her only regret is she couldn't pursue her studies because of family problems and her dream it to fluently speak English. Hopefully we at MSK will soon fulfill her dream with our computer and conversational English classes. Next will be a video of sandhya introducing herself in english, thats a promise.


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Radha is the senior most member of our MSK family. We lovingly call her Radha Aunty. A gentle, soft spoken soul. She quietly keeps working at her own pace un-frazzled by any kind of deadline. She may make only one bag a day but the sincerity and love that she puts in it, is unmatchable. 

The most endearing quality about Radha Aunty is that she is very eager and enthusiastic to learn just like an inquisitive child. Be it a new product, learning spoken English or even computers, Radha aunty gives it her all and accepts every challenge with a smile and open mind. Hoping that her enthusiasm continues and her story inspires many.

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