"Say no to Plastic"

All these days I kept ranting "no plastic,no plastic" at our workshed and everyone complied. Today after the English class, one of the ladies said didi(means sister in Hindi) plastic bags are so useful..”sabzi le sakte hai usme..tiffin baandh ker le aao..kuda bhi phek sakte hai usme”. They gave examples of how useful a plastic bag is, we can carry vegetables, we can carry our tiffin bags or simply to throw away garbage. They continued..' just because cows eat those plastic bags we can't stop using it.'

So as a computer training exercise everyone googled images of plastic pollution today. It was an eye opener for many of us. A discussion on the effects of plastic on air, water, soil and even marine animals started to percolate in our thoughts. Now the damage way went beyond neighbourhood cows. 

Our discussion finally ended with a genuine pledge to say no to plastic. I am proud to say that now everyone at MSK genuinely and consciously says no to plastic. #notoplastic.